Favorite Places

I am slowly starting to write down my favorite places around the world as a resource guide. I will try to organize them alphabetically by country, state, city.



Washington, CT

Hidden Valley Eatery: Probably the most health-food/vegetarian friendly restaurant near my hometown of Roxbury. They don’t offer a lot of vegan food, but are very gluten-free and vegetarian friendly.  They have gluten-free pizza, cookies, and biscotti.  Plus, great green drinks and smoothies.  Definitely a find; if you are in the area I recommend stopping by. Their website is still under construction, but you can check them out on facebook.

Woodbury, CT

New Morning Natural and Organic: This is a wonderful independent grocery store.  I have been shopping here since I just learned how to walk, and every year I love it more. They have a great selection and work hard to stock foods coming from ethical companies. They have a large selection of deli foods too, in case you want to stop in for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Williamstown, MA

Spice Root: Has a great lunch buffet, you can even fill up your own Tupperware and take it to go. They often have tasty gluten free things such as lentil donuts.  For dinner I recommend the chana masala or vegetable curry.

New York

New York City

Blossom Du Jour: Wonderful fast food that feels good and is good for our planet.

Candle 79: Amazing fine dining vegan restaurant that is very allergen friendly.

Caravan of Dreams: Great bohemian restaurant. Good raw food and smoothie selection.

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary: If you like ice cream you must visit this ice cream shop.  Bring a cold bag so you can buy a pint to go after you eat your gluten free ice cream cone.

Peace Food Cafe: Cute and very tasty vegan cafe that I highly recommend. They have an incredible selection of desserts.



Hypermarche Exlusif: This grocery store is simply amazing.  Has lots of Indian food including spices, chai, and best of all, chickpea flour!  Find it on the VDN near Liberty 6.


2 responses

17 03 2013
Gluten-Free Social Savvy

I have never heard of lentil donuts. I have been gluten free for about five years but now I am also dairy free, soy free and vegan. I am interested in finding new ways to help myself and others. Thanks for the list. It is a good idea.

22 04 2013
Paula @CeliacCorner

Just discovered your blog, well done! Keep up the great work you are doing here … will make note of the above eateries, thanks!

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