Things NOT to Buy

Ever gone to the grocery store and found this incredibly new and exciting [insert delicous sounding food here], only to open the package and say “ugh, I wish I hadn’t spent my money on this…”.  Or, ever confused by the million and one different brands of a simple item and wonder which ones NOT to buy?  This page is for that.  Let’s all post our bad experiences so we can save others the trouble!  I’ll start.

Don’t Bother With:

Galaxy Foods Rice Vegan Cheese.  I still shudder thinking about this cheese. It tasted like feet:( Need cheese? Try Diaya instead!

Hol * Grain Brown Rice Bread Crumbs.  really they should say “brown rice flour”, because that’s what you are buying.

Ricera Yogurt. This yogurt isn’t absolutely terrible, but it does taste a little bit like medicine.  I much prefer the so delicious coconut yogurts.

Go Raw Spirulina Energy Bar: Ok, this bar is not the worst thing I’ve ever had. If you like Larabars and you like the taste of spirulina you will probably like it. But, having had good tasting spirulina snacks, I wouldn’t say this is one of them. Tastes like a “health” bar and has a pretty bad after taste.


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7 12 2011

Lisantti Almond Cheddar cheese. Tried it cause I love almonds. Completely tasteless. Sort of rubbery. Bad on many levels.

13 08 2012
Tiffany Seale

Lisantti isn’t vegan. It has casein in it.

11 02 2012
amber (@cookblog)

So Delicious Greek Style Coconut Yogurt. The regular soy-free is quite good but the Greek style is grainy and has a weird texture.

2 07 2012

Just stumbled upon this site and I am in AW. I go through phases and of course having a flare (crohns) so I start searching for food I can eat to keep me healthy. Unfortunately, I get too busy and eat foods I can tolerate but cheat a little and then flare come to visit.
Found your site and feel blessed. I do have a question what foods can I use for protein when excluding (animal products,soy and seitan etc)
Can you recommend ONE book.

Thanks so much,

Angie (Atlanta, GA)

15 08 2012

Honestly I hated the Diaya cheese. Had that artificial cheese rubber taste to it. Also the cheddar orange color put me off a little bit and the fact that it was moist yikes! I loved the galaxy farm mozzarella cheese, close in texture and taste! Went through it pretty fast while the diaya cheese is still in my fridge.

17 03 2013
Gluten-Free Social Savvy

Amanda, Diaya now has a cheese wedge which I think is much better than the shredded. You might want to give them a second chance. I like the Pepper Jack flavor and use the Havarti and loosen it with almond milk to make a white sauce. They are also coming out with sliced.

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