Body Oil

19 08 2008

Sometimes I get sick of reading ingredients and looking for some good vegan skincare products that don’t have other strange chemicals. That’s when I just whip up some of my own body oil and rest at ease knowing what I’m putting on my skin.

I’ve added recipes for a number of different skin types. Just pick your skin type and use those essential oils with the base of jojoba and wheat germ oil.

3 2/3 ounces jojoba or almond oil
1/3 ounce wheat germ oil with vitamin E
40 drops of essential oil

For Normal Skin
10 rose
20 lavender
10 bergamot

For Irritated Skin
jojoba oil
15 Roman chamomile
10 rose
15 geranium

For Mature Skin
15 frankincense
15 lavender
15 patchouli

For Oily Skin
15 cypress
15 cedarwood
15 frankincense

For Dry Skin
15 geranium
15 lavender
15 rosewood

combine in amber colored bottle and shake well. store in dark cool place.

recipe from: Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, Hair, and Skin Care


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