Crafty Kitchen Christmas

17 12 2013

Like many people, I really don’t buy into the whole commercialization of Christmas. In fact, I don’t even identify as Christian, so I’m not sure why I celebrate the holiday. Oh that’s right, it’s actually a pagan holiday to begin with so you know what, let’s all celebrate. Not that we are all pagan, but if Christians can reclaim Christmas for themselves I say let’s all have a part in the fun. And, that’s what I think this holiday is: fun. So, I don’t intend to get stressed out about getting a gift for every single person in my life. That’s right, even if you are my best friend in the entire world, you may not get a Christmas gift from me. Still, there is something so fun about creating kitchen magic during the holidays, and giving it away to friends and family makes it even more magical. Inspired by some amazing bloggers, I decided to steal some of their ideas and spend a whole day of fun in the kitchen with my family. The results were as magical as those amazing bloggers claimed, plus took very little time actually cooking (leaving more time for hanging out with my family and watching Christmas movies – have you seen the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th St? It’s perfect!). So without further ado, here are the results of my Crafty Kitchen Christmas:

Infused Maple Syrup from My New Roots.


Mocha Chocolate Bark (my favorite) from Speak With Your Food.


And finally, White Chocolate Bark from Fork and Beans.


Happy Holidays everyone!





One response

17 12 2013

That syrup looks amazing!

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