Simplest Kale Salad

23 05 2013


Hi Everyone! You might have noticed I haven’t posted in a few months — I’ve been busy wrapping up my Peace Corps service and moved back to the U.S. just last week.

Luckily, I’ve found a job working at Riverbank Farm – an organic vegetable farm in my hometown. Hopefully in the next couple of months I will be able to post a lot of food made from our wonderful fresh produce.

So, to start us off kale, is in season! We are growing three types of kale at the farm: Red Russian, Lacinato, and Curly. For this simple kale salad, I like Red Russian the best. It is a very tender and a bit sweeter than the others.


serves 1-2 people as a side dish


1 bunch Red Russian Kale (or other varieties of kale)

sea salt to taste

1 slice freshly lemon squeezed lemon

Strip the kale leaves off the meaty part of the stems and coarsely chop. Throw in a bowl with a small amount of sea salt. With clean hands, massage the sea salt into the kale. This seems strange, but massaging the kale with sea salt will break down the kale until it releases its juices and becomes very tender and tasty (see left: kale pre-massage, right: kale post-massage).

Note: be careful not to add too much salt too fast. It is easy to feel like the massaging isn’t working as fast as you expect and think you need to add a lot more salt. Maybe you do, but do this slowly otherwise you will end up with some very salty kale salad.

Finally, drizzle with a slice of lemon and enjoy!









This salad makes a great side to many dishes. I have eaten it with saucy chickpeas and rice, black bean burgers, and even falafel. Below I made a fancy salad where I layered spinach, salad greens, and simple kale salad as the base. Next I added local tomatos, chips, hummus, and topped it off with vinaigrette.







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