Carrot Soup

25 02 2013

Last time Meredith came to visit with her fiance Rick, they made this amazing carrot soup from Smitten Kitchen. Soup, especially pureed soup, is not my favorite, but I couldn’t get enough of this one! My only suggestion is to make more of it. soupWe didn’t have the means to make gluten free flat bread, so we served it instead with my favorite pre-made bread mix: Bob Red Mill’s GF Hearty Wholegrain Bread. breadNote: the bread calls for 1 egg, but it comes out great if you use 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds mixed well with 3 tbsp of water.




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25 02 2013
Susan Murkland

Camille – do you think that instead of flax seeds is it possible to grind and use chia seeds?
~Aunt Sue

25 02 2013

Yup. You don’t even have to grind them, just whip them with the water until it gels up a bit and has the consistency of an egg.

31 07 2013
Tanya Swetta

I am not a big of carrots. I really don’t enjoy carrot cake or carrot halwa at all. But I have to say, this carrot soup looks beautiful!

19 09 2013

Hi. I searched for gluten-free, soy-free blogs just now and yours was one of the first to pop up. Only problem is that the Bob’s Red Mill flour you recommend has soy in it. Xanthan gum can be made from soy, wheat or corn (this product doesn’t say which one they use) AND it has soy lecithin in it. Some of your other bread recipes also use xanthan gum so they are not soy-free.

21 09 2013

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for writing! I had no idea xanthan gum can be made from soy, wow that’s crazy. The bread does have soy lecithin, in fact a lot of products on my blog do. If you look under notes I have a very commented on post about soy lecithin. Not all people who are allergic to soy are also allergic to soy lecithin. This is like how many lactose-intolerant people do not react badly to butter. However, some people are allergic to everything soy related, including soy lecithin. At least, that is as much as I can gather from my experience/talks with a naturopath/and the comments left on my blog. I will have to look into the xanthan gum issue, however if you are making the bread from scratch (instead of a mix) can’t you just use a xanthan gum not made from soy?

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