Lazy (lack of) Dinner

7 01 2013

Ok, we’ve all been there. I was just too lazy to make dinner last night and really not that hungry. So here is what I decided to treat myself with: A banana shake and a peanut butter chocolate Macrobar. Please, don’t judge :p Instead, leave a comment with your favorite non-dinner dinner. Is it pudding?





6 responses

7 01 2013
Susan Murkland

My favorite lazy dinner is cereal. Not so healthy as your Macro bar and banana shake.~Aunt Sue

7 01 2013
Anne Griffin

My favorite non-dinner is popcorn with nutritional yeast and hot sauce.

8 01 2013
Mary Kate

I’m one for popcorn, too, preferably with a movie.

Chips and salsa is another option.

8 01 2013

Veggies with humus. 🙂

9 01 2013

Gosh I wish those bars were available here in Australia, they sound like a great lazy dinner 🙂

16 01 2013

Popcorn or cereal…or both.

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