Magazine Giveaway

17 12 2012

Zinio would like to offer all of you, my wonderful blog readers, 10 free subscriptions to the magazines of your choosing. So, the first 10 people to comment with your first and last name, email, and magazine of your choosing will get a free subscription! They offer a lot of popular magazines, and you can browse their selection here.  UPDATE: I have given out the free subscriptions already, but please check out their discounts (below).

Zinio is also offering 50% off digital magazines, check the offer out here. Additionally, Better Homes and Gardens is offering 30% off their magazines. Check this offer out here.




11 responses

17 12 2012
Meredith Hickson

Meredith Hickson,, VegNews!

17 12 2012

Vegetarian Times please and thank you
Nic Pauli,

17 12 2012
Michelle W

Michelle Wentling, Living Without or Veg Times! 🙂

17 12 2012

Amy Meade
amykathryn35 at yahoo dot com

17 12 2012
Vickie Buonagura

Vickie Buonagura


Thank you !! 🙂

17 12 2012
abigail Crook

Good housekeeping

Yay! 😎

18 12 2012
Mary Kate

Ooo, exciting.
Mary Kate Ryan,
Clean Eating
I recently flipped through it in a waiting room and found it pretty interesting.

18 12 2012
Marija Sanderling


Marija Sanderling

Interweave Crochet

18 12 2012

Oh Fun!
Angela MacNeil

18 12 2012
Susan Murkland

Great!! Susan Murkland
Interweave knitting

18 12 2012

Ok, that’s 10! I will send the information to Zinio tomorrow and they should contact you within 3 business days. Happy Holidays!

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