Yoga Cookies

4 10 2012

Anne Novak, my younger sister’s yoga instructor makes yoga cookies (scroll down until you find the link and download) for her students as an after-class pick me up.

As we headed to Cape Cod on a birthday vacation, my mom convinced me and my sister to make some  for the trip.  Glad we did, since they turned out to be the perfect road snack.  To make them gluten free, use all-purpose gluten-free flour instead of wheat flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill brand).  Also check to see you are using gluten-free oats.

Make sure you mix these really well; it takes a while but otherwise the cookies will come out a bit weird.  I also found when putting the cookies on the sheet it is easiest to use a spoon.  The first time my sister made them she use her hands and (in addition to being sticky) there is the temptation to try and squeeze them together to make them stick which actually has the opposite effect.  So, take a spoon, glop some of the very chunky cookie dough onto the oiled cookie sheet or parchment paper and don’t worry as it cooks it will form into a real cookie, how cool!

When we made this we used brown sugar, cranberries, almonds, coconut, enjoy life’s dark chocolate chunks, and so delicious coconut milk.  Feel free to experiment and use what you have on hand.




2 responses

28 03 2013

I’d love to make these. What happened to the yoga cookies link? It’s not working 😦

29 03 2013

Hey, I changed the link. Now it should go to a page of recipes. Scroll down until you find yoga cookies and download the recipe. Cheers!

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