Sour Cream Substitute

28 06 2011


cashew butter


lemon juice, preferably fresh squezzed

Combine until you get a thick sauce.  If it tastes too much like any one ingredient, add more of the other ingredients until it tastes kind of like sour cream, or just like a really tasty sauce.  Serve on everything!




2 responses

29 06 2011

This is such a great idea! I usually make “sour cream” from raw, soaked cashews, plus lemon juice (and usually a bit of tahini), which works great. But this is SO much quicker and easier! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

7 12 2011

Thanks. Gonna try this with tahini (since I have it in the house at the moment). I am nearly no ovo-semi lacto vegetarian. My l’il sis is no soy-lactose intolerant-ovo vegetarian. It is so helpful to find soy free subs for my vegan subs. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting.

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