8 03 2010

Hi All!

I’m writing to let you all know that I am leaving the country tomorrow to go live in Senegal and serve in Peace Corps for 27months.  I will have limited internet access, and probably very little time/resources for blogging.  However, do not despair!  I will be back in 27months armed with brand new enthusiasm and recipes ready to blog with a vengeance;)






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8 03 2010
Rahcel Stack

Have fun! What an amazing thing to experience!

10 03 2010

Wow what an experience you will have. Take care and be safe. Have a wonderful time!

11 04 2010

Wow, that’s a long time and very exciting!!! All the best xxx

2 08 2010

I just came upon your blog, as I am gluten free and am going to be doing a cleanse, but cannot eat soy either. Am excited to go through all your past blogs. I would love to hear how it was to go be with the peace corps and be gluten free/vegan!

14 06 2011

Just found your blog, I have a similar one, but am LOVING your recipes. I’m going to try the manicotti! Good luck and thanks for serving.

30 03 2012
Anja Brys

Hi Camille,

I’m new here.
My husband’s company asked him to go living in Dakar for 2 a 3 years.
We are a bit hesitant because of Malaria sickness and the mosquitos.
Another thing is that I have a gluten allergy. Is it possible to find glutenfree
food in Dakar or in Senegal?


Anja Brys

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