Soy Lethicin

25 02 2010

Based on all the wonderful comments (which you should make sure to read), I’d like to present a caveat.  The following is true for me, and not everyone.  Read the comments and continue research to find out what is true for you.

Okay folks, here is the deal on soy lethicin.  For years (or at least a year) I have meticulously avoided this little bugger that they hide in everything.  However, recently my naturopath told me something amazing – I’m not allergic to soy lethicin.

“What?” “Why?” you might ask.  Well, let me tell you.  Apparently, just like lactose intolerant people aren’t allergic to butter because butter is only the fat of the milk product, soy lethicin is only the fat part of the soybean allowing us soy intolerant people to tolerate it.  Did you catch all that?

Now I don’t want to cause any stomach aches, so please, check with your naturopath.  But, do you realize the revolutionary results of this discovery?  Yes my friends.  Chocolate, chocolate covered ice cream bars, gluten free pretzels, and more…..not that we healthy people ever eat that stuff;)




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25 02 2010

Just found your blog and I am am the exact same way! I have major digestive issues with soy and all diary (among other things) but I seem to be able to eat stuff that has soy lethicin as an ingredient. Now I know why: thanks! I’m excited to check out your recipes.

10 11 2012
Maria Breznau

What if all soy and dairy – including butter and soy lecithin – create, well, adverse reactions? To me, eating soy lecithin is just as bad as eating soy sauce. Do you know why?

12 11 2012

Hi! Unfortunately I have learned this is true for many people but do not know the reason. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

25 02 2010

this is brilliant! i actually had never heard of the butter thing either – so double good news! molly

25 02 2010
the particular kitchen » not quite curry

[…] of my fave blogs, gluten-free soy-free vegan, has a short post about soy lecithin. i find this subject pretty interesting to those of us with a soy allergy or intolerance, so go and […]

25 02 2010
Alicia S.

Well the only issue is then avoiding GMO soy which most soy lecithin is!

25 02 2010

ahhhhhh so that’s what soy lecithin is. cool!

26 02 2010
Healthy Hag

I too am EXTREMELY intolerant to all soy products, including soy lecithin. Even a piece of gum sends me into the bad symptom zone. I wouldn’t go too nuts with all the soy lecithin products out there, as I am a firm believer that it’s still yucky for our over health. It’ll make life much easier though!!!!

2 03 2010

Oh! This is PERFECT timing!!!

I’ve just discovered (for certain, after suspecting it for some time) that I am indeed soy intolerant. Yep, in addition to being vegan and GF (also reactive to nutritional yeast)…

Thank you for this clarification.

I have moments of complete overwhelm and fatigue at my dietary limitations. It’s folks like you and this blog who give me hope and make me feel not so alone 🙂

4 03 2010

How might one know this my looking at the package?

5 03 2010
orange dream

Wow, thanks for the clarification. I also discovered I was allergic to soy. I’ve been reading the labels of fast food, bread, etc and find the allergen “soy” in almost everything. One question though, if what you say is true and the only soy ingredient is soy lecithin, why do they list it as containing the allergen “soy”?

7 03 2010

I assume it is because soy lecithin is a soy product and some people still do react to it. I don’t know why. I also know that I can eat some foods that were “processed on a plant that processes soy or dairy” and have no reaction even though I am highly allergic to both of these.

8 03 2010

Be careful! I’m soy allergic and *do* react to soy lecithin. While many soy allergic people don’t react to soy oil and soy lecithin, because there are fewer protein molecules in them, some of us do. I’d suggest talking to an allergist before trying this, especially if you tend to have severe reactions.

22 03 2010

glad you found out about it! i have a similar issue where i can tolerate the lecithin (and soy oil in small amounts) but no dairy, gluten, or other soy ingredients. i believe that people with soy allergies have more of an issue to the lecithin, while those with intolerances might be more flexible to it. it’s kind of similar to lactose versus casein intolerance- one can handle butter, the other can’t, or if you have a milk allergy, it’s all out.

15 04 2010

My friend is allergic to soy, and this includes soy lecithin. A chocolate bar, while enjoyable, will begin that oh-so-annoying tickle in the back of the throat and then the phlegm production kicks in. Yuck.

The problem here is that the soy isn’t fermented. She has no problem (yet, anyway) with tofu, which IS fermented, and this is the problem that a lot of people seem to be developing concerning soy products (well, that and Monsanto has their filth-covered fingers in the DNA sequencing of most of it).

Still, for those who have allergies to soy, this may wind up being a nice breath of fresh air in the long run as soy lecithin (or soya lecithin as it’s listed in some products) is in pretty much everything these days!

30 04 2010

Has soy lecithin ever contained protein content above 1ppm?? I hear that when it is tested for soy residue it is always below 1mg/kg and therefore “NOT DETECTED”. I get the feeling it is like the glucose syrup from wheat.

There is even a brand I know of – GlutenFree Bakery that states that their products are “soy free” when they in fact do contain soy lecithin. How would one of you deal with this? Would you take it, or leave it out?

I seem alright with soy lecithin however am slightly worried as it may be impacting on my health and wellbeing without me being aware!!

11 05 2010

Just recently discovered allergies to SO many things. Wheat, corn, soy,peanuts, walnuts, loads of trees, and sesame seeds. There is more…and it is overwhelming. Any suggestions would be helpful. It seems like this came on literally overnight and now I am having some reactions with the simple stuff that is hard to see, like flour in potatoe chips. Thanks in advance for any advice.

21 06 2010

You just listed the cross reactive foods to Latex-Have you ever been tested?

1 07 2010

Sorry I have been so unresponsive, living in Senegal makes internet communication harder than normal. My advice is be patient with yourself. When it feels like you will never figure it out and you will be sick all the time, take a deep breath and give yourself a break. It takes time to figure out how to eat. First in your house, then in restaurants, then in other people’s houses, then in foreign countries, etc. But I promise you, no matter how hard it gets, you will figure it out. Listen to your body, ask people what they put in their food, don’t be afraid to politely decline food. Eat simple things like rice and beans, and then expand your repertoire as you feel comfortable. Bring snacks with you everywhere so you don’t need to count on a meal and then find out you can’t eat it. Be patient, it will become second nature. This is the hardest stage.

28 05 2010
Kelly Nolan

Here is a site that may or may not be able to help out soy allergic individuals. It is brand new and is ready for some people to visit it. Whilst it is Australian, anyone can make suggestions and some of the advertised products are also available internationally. It’s a great site


31 05 2010

Any individuals concerned about soy should have a look at I have found there is some comprehensive information on here. Be sure to submit ideas on soy free food products as they plan to build on it and publish ideas.

@Leah I’m sorry to hear that you have to avoid so much food all of a sudden. It’s a hard thing to do. Good luck finding products. I’m sure there are some out there.

1 06 2010

Thanks for the post and starting a great conversation. I wish your naturopath’s conclusions were valid for me. I am allergic to soy and cannot tolerate soy lethicen or soy oil myself, and it is helpful to know that there are plenty of others out there too.

10 06 2010
Jennifer Masters

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10 06 2010
Jennifer Masters

Equal Exchange: Fairly Traded Coffee, Tea, Chocolate & Snacks

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29 06 2010
Lisa Sieczka

Soy lecithin is something I cant have.
My soy allergy started a year ago. I am a vegetarian/vegan and ate tons of soy. I developed hives and ended up in the ER twice with my face and tongue swollen and hives all over my body.
No hives since giving up soy, except on those few occasions that I had eaten soy lecithin or soy oil w/o knowing it.

Please make sure your body is okay with it before going head first into eating products with it!

22 02 2011

I’ve recently developed an intolerance to soy, so I was delighted to find your blog! Although I am not gluten free or vegan, I eat mostly vegetarian and until a couple of months ago, I used soy as a primary source of protein, same as Lisa above me. I’m looking forward to checking back and finding some ideas for soy-free cooking!

But I am intolerant to soy lecithin as well, so I’ll have to keep on avoiding products with this as an ingredient 😦

15 03 2011

I think the lesson here is that we are all different but that we shouldn’t automatically dismiss something like soy lecithin until you know whether or not you react to it.

I am not allergic to soy, but can’t seem to handle soy protein and soy flour. I do fine with small amounts of soy lecithin, soy sauce and soybean oil. I figured this all out over time and with experimentation. It sure made my life easier to know this!

Anyone that has an anaphylactic reaction to soy (or anything else) should work with their doctors to determine what is safe.

25 03 2011

Hi: Interesting reading all the comments about soy lecithin. I’ve been avoiding it too but have had a few choc chips recently with it in with no bad results. Still think I’ll avoid it as much as I can.

I gave up gluten and three weeks later got really sick again. Got tested for food allergies and found out soy was the culprit. I had, in fact, upped my soy intake when I removed the gluten and dairy. Removed the soy and voila! Better health than ever before in my life. Such a relief!

Someone asked me if I ever “cheat”. I replied, “Are you kidding? Why would I want to make myself deliberately sick?”

This is a great blog! Just now started blogging about my own journey:

Would appreciate your comments over there!

15 06 2011
Sera Ant

Any amount of soy anything makes me very very sick. I love Vegan soy-free Gluten-free among a few other things free recipes though!

13 02 2012

My name is Ginny after a trip to Hawaii I returned to the USA and
discovered that I was lactose intolorent as a result I began consuming soy milk and soy products , after a few years of feeling ill I discovered that I had hypothyroidism I had no clue that It was caused by soy evidently it inhibits the uptake an conversion of T3 To T4 or visa-versa . Now, it turned into Hashimotos Thyroidits the difference is that it causes antibodies that attacks my thyroida making it a autoimmune disease and I have to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life . Prior to using soy products I had been perfectly healthy never had a issues with my thyroid . I’m livid about this had I been informed about the dangers I would have avoided it like the plague, I have sinceI read volumes about it and. WOW! How can this substance even be on the market – so many negative results have been attributed to it including premature puberty as well as males developing mammary gland development ( man boobs) For more info Google ( The Dangers Of Soy)
Recently I was told to avoid all soy and it’s byproducts so I went to buy bread what an eye opener I spent an hour in the btead isle all breads including Ezekiel Bread have soybean oil and flour tortillas too ! I couldn’t believe it, out of the entire market I found one bread in the bakery that didn’t ha e soy oil . I appreciate all the posts Thanks for sharing.
Bye for now ,Grasshopper

19 04 2012

To all who have written
WOW I thought I was the only one having a problem with soy and I just developed it too.
I developed allergies to eggs and nuts about 33 years ago and just developed the soy allergy about 3 months ago.
There is soy in everything. My partner and I overcame this issue by going back to basics. Home cooking and some strategic planning have enabled us to eat healthier and yes we feel amazing since soy was removed. There are some Indian breads that have no soy and we found that light rye breads tend to have no soy. We gave up a lot of the processed and packaged foods as well as some restaurants but in the long run we can cook from home and make the exact same meal without any soy.
We enjoy sharing in the planning and cooking.
so Leah, hang in there and start slow there are so many things you CAN have that are soy free – yes shopping takes a lot longer now due to reading everything before it goes into the cart but believe me it is all worth it in the end.

9 06 2012

I can’t have gluten or much lactose (still have butter and a bit of cheese), tolerate soy milk just fine, but not soya lethicin in chocolate – however used to eat chocolate every day until a few years ago without a problem! Usually I can have one square, but no more than that! Weird, but just not worth getting sick over!

6 10 2012

I can handle the soy lecithin just on occasion, other wise I might as well camp in the bathroom for the day 🙂
I seem to be alright with the tomato sauce, but just to be on the safe side I always try to make things from scratch that way no extra surprises.
There are so many sites with great recipes for everything from ketchup, relish and so many more all with out dairy, soy, eggs or other allergen foods and usually pretty simple to make as well..

3 06 2014

What’s Taking place i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I have
found It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads.
I hope to contribute & assist different users like its aided me.

Great job.

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